BEANSTORE Maldita Maria moda sostenible Munich meets Spain

Express yourself with art. The Maldita María skirts are now in Munich.

Come to wear all the garments from the Marina and Artemisia collection next Monday, August 6th. On Theresienstrasse 25, Munich.


Munich meets Spain.

It is the event in which five Spanish brands and five German brands will be presented. The idea is to make people aware of  the Spanish sustainable fashion in the German city,

Maldita María moda sostenible Munich-meets-Spain

During the same days, the “In fashion Munich” will be running, so it would be a great opportunity for many professional these days to visit also the  “made in Spain” event.


Bean-Store, an exchange space

BEANSTORE Maldita Maria moda sostenible Munich meets spain RRSS

And a place to express yourself and explore, without hurry.

Fabiola, from Dumanto, is a Spaniard who lives in Munich and knows very well the sector. She sells her products to Laura from Bean-Store. She believes in the great future of the Spanish sustainable fashion


Sustainable Fashion Association of Spain


I present to you the five brands that will be in Bean-Store

green forest munich meets spain crisb munich meets spainartaps munich meets spain moda sostenible  bughambilia munich meets spain


Gracias AMSE, Bean-Store y Fabiola


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